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Our Storage Unit Sizes

Storage Units:

  • Small Closet 5.0x5.0x8.0
  • Medium Closet 5.0x10.0x8.0
  • Large Closet 5.0x15.0x8.0
  • Large Closet 7.5x10.0x8.0
  • Small Room 10.0x10.0x8.0
  • Small Bedroom 10.0x12.0x8.0
  • Outdoor RV/Boat 0.0x22.0x50.0
  • Larger Bedroom 10.0x15.0x8.0
  • Moderate RV/Boat 0.0x26.0x50.0
  • Small Garage 10.0x20.0x8.0

Storage Units:

  • Small Garage 10.0x20.0x8.0
  • Outdoor RV/Boat 0.0x34.0x50.0
  • 1 1/2 Garage 10.0x30.0x8.0
  • 2 Sm. Car Garage 15.0x20.0x8.0
  • Car Garage 12.0x25.0x8.0
  • 2 Sm. Car Garage 16.0x20.0x8.0
  • Garage 14.0x25.0x8.0
  • Two Car Garage 18.0x20.0x8.0
  • Large Garage 20.0x20.0x8.0
  • Large Garage 18.0x25.0x8.0

Call Us To Reserve

The following size units are available at Gateway Personal Storage. Because clients move in and out daily, availability of specific size units changes frequently. Please contact our facility for availability, pricing, and for any specials that might apply to your situation.

On line payment capability will be available in the near future. Please contact our manager to make a payment now and check with us frequently for additional information.

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